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About Us

Experience EliAv. About us and our business…


Eliav is the result of a mix of great passion and different professionals.
Our strengths are high level of professional skills, and care for details combined with top elegance in all our services.
EliAv delivers its services through helicopters and carrier crews compliant with JAR OPS 3 requirements (Laws regulating helicopter aircraft sector).


EliAv delivers helicopters-based services, such as passenger transport and a variety of aerial work.
Our goal is to provide companies willing to expand their offerings with different impressive packages under cost-effective conditions.

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Services & Tours

Discover our Services & Tours for private customers and companies.
Spanning from the ‘baptism by air’ to enterprise incentive, from airport transfer to luxurious cruise ship-related services, we can address each single request of yours.
Our fleet and our crew will always meet your expectations. We tailored a number of tours to make everyone’s dream possible – TO FLY!
Contact us and see how EliAv can create an adventure or provide a service that fits your unique needs.